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Hello again, my friend list!

I come bearing more whore-outs. Most of my time will most likely be divided between my icon community, snowflakalight , which I've already mentioned, but there is more!

wts_icontest wts_icontest wts_icontest

Watch This Space!
My new icontest! Very pretty and sci-fi-ey, I think you'll agree.
Anyway I figure if you're following my journal you're into sci-fi, and I'd love some new members over there, so let's get iconing, hm?

So hi guys, hello, hi pretty flist people, hey hi. 'Sup?

Anyone want some mozarella? I'm gonna get soooo fat cause I'm totally hooked on the stuff. I keep getting cheese juice on maseeeelf.
But I also have Pepsi. Pepsi Max, obviously.

Anyway, I totally had a point. I know a lot of people have added me for my icons (which I'm unbelievably grateful for, by the way, complete with jiggy-pants dancing), and I've decided to separate things and things. I'll now use the personal journal for fanfic and picspams, which won't really be often to be honest, and I now have an LJ comm for my icons. I've uploaded the most recent two iconposts I've done on here, but I won't be deleting them from here, cause I'd miss the comments bahaha.


So, you should just add me there and stuff. Because otherwise... you'll miss out on icons. Obviously.

I'll just get back to my Star Trek.

So as I promised,
This post focusses more on colouring than textures. Because I have too many and can't be bothered to drag them all out. Although again, working on negative space and such.

Anyway, yay for icons, and such. Apologies if they're shiiiiit, yaaaaay woohoo!
Nothing should be too particularly spoilery.

1-39 Farscape (39)
40-42 Doctor Who (3)
43-52 Doctor Who Confidential (10)

Keep nearly forgetting these damn LJ-cuts.Collapse )

I have in fact spent the past mmm... two? Three days, working on a Who picspam.
Why, I don't hear you ask? Because I've finished working on the characters in my Gallifrey Myspace RPG, and I got bored waiting for auditions. For those who didn't know (which I think is.... oh yeah, everyone) I spend most of my time not on LJ (*GASP*) but roleplaying on myspace. Mostly cause I can't figure out the rping over LJ. But anyway, if any of you are there or in fact want to get into it: this it the awesome Gallifrey RPG, message me on there and I'll help.
Anyway, I would in fact advise you not to click the link below unless you are okay with an incredible amount of squeeing AND quite seriously, unbelievably large pictures, and I've warned as much on the opening picture right there.


Basically, there's a lot I need to say about this. Most, I've already forgotten.
Generally, collecting caps is a slow process - so during the collecting, I started to stray and pick 'popular' moments of epic, before reminding myself hurriedly this was MY picspam, these were MY moments. I also strayed towards other things, like desperately trying to get as many half-naked Matt pictures in as possible (luckily, some still made it in), and some such and the like.
Also, I just have to reiterate that !HUGE! thing. If you're going through every single episode, there'll be a lot of scenes that jump out. I started by attempting to keep them more-wide-than-long - that changed. Quickly. They're pretty damn long.
Originally, I was going to separate the episodes, and write a little dinky describing why I chose each scene. But by now it's gone one o'clock in the morning. Maybe next time.

Anyway, it's my first picspam, and I'm just learning all the moves - hopefully if it catches on, I'll do some fancier stuff.

*dodge from the fake cut* ...........DAMN.Collapse )

So hiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
I have spent the past, ummm.... several weeks, watching Boston Legal. Random program of random, but I literally just bought the 1-5 series' boxset solely off the back of a couple of people's reviews on Amazon, and I don't regret it in the slightest.
James Spader and William Shatner make the BEST team, seriously, think of any guy-bromance on telly and multiply them together: that's Alan and Denny. Damn they're so funny... I highly recommend this to anyone.
Anyway, so, watching five years worth of a television series in a row presents a problem. I need something to do with my hands. So, what better than icooooooooooooons!

This is my multifandom icon dump.
Oh, and, um, I didn't actually have the foresight to make bases of these icons. Oh well. If you want one, ask, I can probably re-make it.

1-16 Farscape (16)
17-23 StarGate Atlantis (7)
24-37 Doctor Who (14)
38-41 Firefly (4)
42-46 StarGate SG-1 (5)
47-53 Sherlock (7)
54-59 Supernatural (6)
60-81 Torchwood (22)

If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.Collapse )

Been working on my negative space, as you can see. Also, I've been going... well, frankly, insane, with textures, because I've more or less just learned how to use them. Next batch will probably be calmer, more focused on colouring.
Oh my word, I can't face tags. I'll have a go, but I'll miss some, I bet.

Tinky-Winky, Dipsy...
Pssh pssh pssh.

Haven't posted on here in a little while. Just thought I'd collect up all the random icons I've made every so often, whenever I felt like it. Collected up a fair few now, so I'm gonna dump them all.

;Doctor Who, ranging between series' two, four and five.
;Winning banners from various icontests.

Icon dump.Collapse )

Crack icons.
A short assortment of icons with my newfound Photoshopping skillz. PLEASE tell me if they're any good!

Do I fail totally?

For anyone who wants it, I'll also include a much larger manip of the Eleven/Amy promo, with the crack behind them. See what you can do with it. ;) Click for larger.

Ocarina of Time!
Soooo I never realised before that I could actually icon video games =O
But now I'm getting incredibly into Ocarina of Time, cause it is, no question, BEST GAME EVER IN UNIVERSE EVER. Ever.
So I looked up screencaps, and, well, they're not awful, but I'd rather make my own. I did the best with what I had, however, so there's a bunch. I'll start taking my own when I get back to the game.


Hey look! A fake cut!Collapse )

The Eleventh Hour transcript part 2.
The Eleventh Hour, part two;Collapse )

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour transcript part 1.
Okay, well... I posted a query yesterday asking if anyone wanted episode transcripts, and I guess the idea is quite popular, so I've volunteered myself.

I'm not gonna ask that you credit every time you look up a quote or something, but I would like it if maybe you mentioned them to friends, to anyone who needs a quote quickly but doesn't want to spend ages rewatching the episode. Comments are great, they let me know that you really want me to continue posting this stuff, and I'm not doing it just for myself.

Disclaimer, I suppose. I am not affiliated with the Doctor Who franchise or the BBC in general. The characters and lines within belong to the BBC, or their respective owners. I own nothing of this post but the occasional random observation I've chucked in. This transcript is for entertainment purposes only.

It may take a while after each episode for episode transcripts to appear, because I'm particularly busy these days as it's nearing exam time, and I have college. I'll try to get them out as fast as possible, though.
Illustrated by screencaptures, and I thank you heartily, from The Medusa Cascade.


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